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Strengthen the training of the Federation of German Automobile Industry (VDA), and accelerate the pace of entering the auto industry.



Strengthen the training of the Federation of German Automobile Industry (VDA), and accelerate the pace of entering the automobile industry.

Since its establishment in 2003, OMAY company has been committed to manufacturing high quality polycarbonate film products for the supply of auto parts industry. In recent years, with the acceleration of domestic production of the German auto industry, nearby supply has become the choice of more auto supply chain manufacturers.

In line with the attitude of quality first, stable supply and long-term responsibility, OMAY has strengthened the training of automobile quality system, among which VDA6.3 is the main standard of process audit, followed by PSB training assistance, etc.


PSB- automotive product safety representative

In recent years the number of automobile product recall increased sharply, the world about vehicle product safety laws and regulations requirements, the defect of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine AQSIQ recall law enforcement, Volkswagen, Audi, VW group such as BMW, Audi, BMW and Daimler Daimler ashkenazi makers and Tier 1 suppliers (such as Bosch, Continental and ZF) colleges by PSB requirement,

The IATF design product safety related content 16949-2016 (clause, VDA6.3, and the special requirements of the Volkswagen group Formel Q with the PSB design requirements and understand the relevant laws and how to promote the enterprise to product safety and risk prevention, as well as in the case of product safety problems how to action, how to communicate with customers and government authorities and problems quickly and efficiently the aftermath of crucial, because once the product is safe after the incident, you will not have buffer time to study the content, to the society bring immeasurable life and property loss,

To the enterprise caused irreparable market reputation impact or fatal disaster.

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